April 20, 2024

EDD website error 2021


EDD website is down — why and when?

California’s Employment Development Department should start soon as it plays a very important role for the development of California’s development. Just now California website named California’s Employment Development Department has been down. Now some residents of Gold State of California who are self-employed will have to wait a few weeks to receive newly extended jobless benefits.

Recently, there has been news that this website has been down since Saturday and according to ABC10 – their team is telling that they are working on a mess and they cannot tell more details about it yet.

what is EDD –

Full form of EDD is California’s Employment Development Department, By its name, you can find out what this website works on.

EDD is a California website that used to keep records of the unemployed and employee of California, it is a very responsible website for the development of California, Administers the Unemployment Insurance and State Disability Insurance programs and Job givers and job seekers can also contact each other through this website and Many more things are done from this website.

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