May 29, 2024

Hello Hello Google 2021



Google Assistant is the app of google, initially debuted in May 2016 as part of Google’s messaging app.

Google Assistant has come a long way in a short time. Initially, it simply used Google’s powerful search to help you look up basic information, but now can make your life easier and more automated in many ways.

Question- What is hello hello google ?


Calling it Ok Google or Hey Google and  if this does not work then you can also use hello hello google, it becomes active.

It is being done by about  1 billion people.

The specialty of Google Assistant —

  1. You can unlock your phone with your voice.
  2. As one of the best Google Assistant command is Find your phone.
  3. search anything in google on your voice command.
  4. You can open any application with your voice. just say hello hello google or hey google open (application name)  and nothing much.
  5. Get advice on where drink, eat and many more.
  6. You can save your daily routine on your voice command and  it will keep remembering you on time to time.
  7. And he will tell you jokes too if you say ok Google tell jokes.
  8. Get a weather forecast.
  9. Play your favorite Netflix shows and movies.
  10. You can book movie ticket by google assistant.
  11. It can play song also.
  12. Make here a shopping list.
  13. Set your alarm with your voice.

and many specialty are hidden in google assistant. For know more  go to google assistant page.

Download google assistant application.

go to play store and search google assistant.


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