May 29, 2024

New Zealand vs Bangladesh T20 Match


New Zealand Vs Bangladesh

New Zealand vs Bangladesh T20 Match

This match will be played on Sunday 28th March and Indian time will be played from 6:30 am, that is, you can watch its live action in the morning.

If we talk about New Zealand, then it has reached here by winning ODI series and if we talk about Bangla Desh, then it has come to defeat ODI.

And this match will be played in Hamilton.

Position of New Zealand-

After finishing a great ODI series, the new Zealand team will be very confident for New Zealand vs Bangladesh. They had sweep the Bangla country with 3 – 0. In this ODI series, their confidence will be much higher. You can think of some more new team in the new Zealand Members have come

New Player of New Zealand-

He has added a batsman like Finn Allen to his squad and Finn Allen is a right handed batsman who hits a lot of long sixes.

Apart from this, he has also added Gillen Flips, he is also a right-handed batsman and a wicket-keeper batsman, he also plays very well, it is expected that he will perform very well in this series as well.

All the players had scored very big, showed themselves quite well and played very well with Martin Guptill, King Williamson and all and they also won the 3 – 2 series.

What are you thinking about this New Zealand vs Bangladesh T20 Match?

Let’s see who wins in this T20. What do you think about  New Zealand vs Bangladesh, who will win this time in the T20, tell your opinion in the comment box.

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