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Secrets of Time Traveler: A Journey Through the Past and Future in 2023

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Read this real short story of a time traveler – Andrew Carlssin

In March 2003, the FBI arrested Andrew Carlssin, a 44-year-old man. It was reported in the newspaper that this guy was extremely lucky. Hardly anyone in the history of the stock market had made so much money investing $800 in two weeks. And they became 350 million dollars, the FBI suspected that something is being scammed here, it is being fraudulent, it may be an inside trader, but when he was questioned, he replied that I am a time traveler. I have come from 250 years future, I knew which stock will go up and down here and I had invested money after thinking that this is the result, I am surprised to hear FBI put FBI, he is definitely lying and the FBI thought we will prove it He is lying, but when a further investigation was done, it was found that he had no record of calls before December 2002, but the more surprising thing was that on 3rd April, Andrew Carlssin had to appear in the court for his mailing But suddenly he disappears. That confirms that was a time traveler.

In 1895, writer HD Bells wrote his ground-breaking normal called The Time Machine, it was only after this that the word time machine became popular, a time travel machine that can take you back and forth in time, through which you can travel time. Although this novel was friction, science was completely friction, but due to this, philosophers and physicists got into thinking, not only serious research papers were written on time travel, but many films were also made. Time travel can be divided into different methods depending on how it is done.

Let’s first use movies to understand this concept a little better and How many ways could be use for Time traveling. Time travel can be done in many different ways.


Time Traveler


First way of Time Traveling

The first way is one way travel to the future. You are traveling in the future but can’t come back there. Seven Side Time Travel became an example of this interstellar film where a time traveler travels to the future but his family and other people keep on aging and when he meets them back they have died

Second way of Time Traveling

Using Time Jumping A guy travels from one point of time to another point of time instantly using a time machine This is shown in Back to the Future movie and The Girl Who Left Through Time movie.

Third way of Time Traveling

 It is possible that the time traveler Steel is standing and time is moving around him, it is shown In the Harry Potter movie where she uses a time turner.

Fourth way of Time Traveling

slow time travel This is shown in the primary film of 2004 where the time traveler has to go into a box and the 1 minute he stays in the box is as long as Time starts running backward from time to time, so if he wants to go back 1 day, he will have to stay inside that side for 24 hours.

Fifth way of Time Traveling

the fifth way of time traveling at the speed of light has been shown. Man film where superman flies faster than the speed of light and goes back in time, now the question arises that out of so many concepts of time travel, which method is actually possible to do today, who in real life Which method may be possible in the coming time and which method is completely unscientific in actuality and will never be possible.

Don’t be surprised, maybe once you see that all these things are nonsense, it is not possible at all, it is not true, many of these things are actually possible, even today, if you see broadly, then time travel can be of two types. One is to do time travel in the future, the other is to do time travel in the past. First, we talk about future time travel. The scientific explanation and theories for time travel in the future have come out in actuality, Albert Einstein’s theory. The concept of special relativity z time, which was introduced by Einstein, before Einstein, it was believed that time is a constant thing, whether you are on earth, whether you are on the march, whether you are near a black hole, time is such a thing that is always constant. Keep going, one of the most famous mathematicians and physicists of the world, Newton had said this thing, in his opinion, no matter what speed you are flying in space, no matter what position you are in, the flow of time will always be constant. Albert Einstein, the first human being. was the one who said no Brother, you are wrong, time is not constant, but time is like a river,

Just like water flows in a river, sometimes that waterfalls, sometimes that water flows fast, well, it means that the time given is slow, sometimes it becomes slow and sometimes it becomes fast. Dependent upon Speed Gravity You heard it right, Einstein said that time can actually be sped up and slowed down if the speed is changed and if the gravitational force is changed, something is called time dilation. Just like the people in your eyes are deleted, in the same way, time also does when the speed of the object increases or there is a lot of gravitational force on an object. Also you can read this for more info about general relativity

I can do a very long explanation, it took me many words to understand, I will not go into the explanation behind it, but basically time dilation can happen in two ways,

The first one is Because of the speed, if you are sitting in such an object which is starting to run at a very high speed, be it an airplane or a spacecraft, then the faster the thing goes, the more time it will slow down relative to one. Such a person who is not going at speed, if you explain it with a practical exam moment, then suppose you have two or two parked vehicles here, I keep one vehicle with me, I keep the other vehicle on the ground, I accompany you in an airplane. I send it and that airplane makes a round of the whole earth, now if we compare these two clocks, earlier both of them were showing the same time, but now the time of the commodity you had taken in the airplane, its time will be slightly behind both the clocks. Will not show the same time because a clock started traveling at a higher speed, then kinetic dilation occurred in it.

In the year 1971, atomic clocks were used because here the time had to be done precisely and it was actually seen that the clock which was in the airplane was behind the clock on the ground, it was said that it was Einstein’s mentor. The theory of time dilation was proved, now it does not mean that time is actually starting to slow down for that vehicle present in the airplane, but it means that time is one thing, if we sit on the earth and observe that clock The one who was in the airplane, time is slowing down in our relation, we are watching it, so time is slowing down, if the one who is sitting in the airplane, the one who is sitting in the standing airplane, then time is, in the same way, Let’s see if we make a rocket that travels at the speed of light and you sit in that rocket and stay in space for 10 years sitting in the same rocket that travels at the speed And then if you come back to earth then the time you will see on earth is after 9000 years.

is time travel possible in 2023?

 If you want to do time travel in the future, then you can do it today, scientifically, it is possible to do it today, the only problem is that no aircraft with such a high speed can now do light axis. Can’t even reach close to the speed of, but as technology improves in the coming time, we will be able to make more such aircraft, which can run at a higher speed, this thing will gradually become a reality, for now, action is Astronaut. He is credited with traveling the maximum time in the future because he is the person who stayed in space for the longest time, 879 days, and when he was in space, he started flying at a speed of 28,000 kilometers. If we look at the calculation, then he traveled zero point 02 seconds into the future, in comparison to the people on earth, his age is 0.2 sec less, he was that young.

Does gravity effect the time ?

  Now if you are getting angry thinking that we cannot have such technology, with the help of which we can travel so fast that we will be able to travel time in a significant way in the future, then do not get angry because there is another way, time. The dilation was told by joint style and that method is by using gravitational force, now as time dilation occurs by running at speed, similarly, time dilation occurs by gravitational force where the more gravity there, the more time dilation is due to gravity. How can you visualize the time dilation that takes place through this, Singh told that imagine a fabric of space-time, imagine a kind of miss as you are seeing in this photo, and put balls on it. You can consider it as a planetary object, the heavier a ball, the more it is downward and the more meat in a mall the object will have, the more its gravitational force will be, like the gravitational force of the earth, which is Peter’s gravitational force from the earth. too much sun gravy The tidal force is more than Jupiter, so you get to see curves in the fabric of space-time.

How Black whole effect the time?

The more you come closer to an object’s gravitational force than an object that has this much private action force, the more you will feel time slowing down, the more time will slow down for you, as you can see in this match The more you are in time, the more time is slowing down for you. You can get an approximate idea from this visualization, it means that if you want to travel through time in the future, spend some time. Near Jupiter or near the sun or near an object which has more gravitational force than that like a black hole if you stay near a black hole then time will pass very slowly there and this concept is actually used in interstellar movies Also shown was if you remember this is the main character he lands on a planet near a black hole and every hour he spends there is 7 years for people outside that parrot so much time dilation was happening that Because of the black hole in the film, which was scientifically accurate This will happen in actuality, it is a different matter that we do not know whether someone will be able to live so close to the black hole and he was thinking how to time travel at home, we do not know about the black hole, it is said that it is the weakest object of the whole universe.

Black hole

 The heaviest objects and it is also said that the light that is there goes near the black holes, this thing was considered to be very theoretical, but 3 years ago it was proved by taking the first photo of a black hole in its actuality. 10 April 2019 Event Horizon Telescope took this photo and this photo was also quite viral on the internet because this black hole was taken first red visual image funny they all if we come back to time traveling.

Why Scientists always set the time of GPS?

I would like to tell you a realistic example of this thing GPS satellites keep revolving outside the earth, they revolve at a very high speed and are a little far from the earth’s gravity, so in our comparison, therefore, time dilation from both gives us a sense of GPS is seen in the satellite and the scientist has to keep correcting the time calculation for the satellites, because of this time, if they do not correct the clock on the satellite, then that clock will show some other time or the clock on the earth. If you see some more time, then there will be a problem, the communication of GPS is now interesting.


Story Of A Japanese man who lived without food for 24 days with the help of time traveling

time traveller


Kariao sleep is also such a thing that appeared in many movies passenger a movie came recently where people are traveling in a ship and they freeze they are in Kairo sleep where for years humans have Seen in a condition where those edges can grow just keep sleeping is just a thing but realistic NASA actually I’m starting to develop a statistical chamber in which today’s notes will be kept in a state of mild hypothermia in the cold where they can hibernate continuously for two weeks. If the body is kept cool, then the chemical reactions work, they will slow down a lot and this will also lead to energy conservation of the body and aging will also slow down. There was a case in Japan regarding this thing, And he was alive without food, his body went into hibernation mode in a way, the body temperature of that man’s body was only up to 22 degrees. Generally, if a person’s body is so cold for a long time, then he probably will not survive, but By chance don’t know what miracle has happened here that this man not only survived but also made full recovery from that point when someone else found his body, medical reports claimed that there was no permanent damage to his body. Organs were there, they had slowed down and the brain was also there, so rent is such a thing that maybe It can be developed in the coming future by NASA or any other space agency for time traveling. They have to also figure out how to travel back in time.


Time Travel Movies

Here are a Time Traveler Movies that are mentioned in the provided text:

  1. Interstellar
  2. Back to the Future
  3. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
  4. Harry Potter
  5. Superman
Most asked Time Traveling FAQ’s

Question: Is it possible to travel back in time?

Answer: It is not currently possible to travel back in time based on our current understanding of the laws of physics. Many scientists believe that time travel to the past is theoretically possible through the use of certain kinds of objects called wormholes, but it is not known whether these objects actually exist or whether it would be possible to travel through them.

Question: Does the past still exist?

Answer: According to the laws of physics, the past still exists in a sense. The past is a part of the universe’s history and has had a lasting impact on the present and future.

Question: What is the formula for time travel?

Answer: There is currently no known formula or scientific theory that allows for time travel. Time travel remains a topic of speculation and debate among scientists and philosophers, and there are many different theories about how it might be possible.

Question: is it possible to travel back in time with your mind?

Answer: NO

Question: when will time travel be possible?

Answer: Some physicists have proposed theoretical models of time travel through the manipulation of space-time, but these models have not been tested and remain purely theoretical. Until there is more evidence to support the possibility of time travel, it is not possible to say when or if it will be possible.


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