April 20, 2024

Should we buy Vivo x40 series?


vivo x60 series

About Vivo X60 series–


here you will get valuable information of vivo x60 series-

Vivo is bringing its vivo x60 series and when we saw some information, we came to know that this series can come with an aggressive pricing, it seems that with the introduction of this series, a company like One Plus can see the competition. And the big thing is that a lot of amazing technology can be seen, so tell me, you
Vivo x60
Vivo x60 pro
Vivo X60 Pro Plus
That is, you will get to see three phones in it –
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In this series, we first talk about vivo x60 and vivo x60 pro

The vivo x60 will have a flat display and the vivo x60 Pro will have a curved display
And it will get full HD Plus display and it will have a 6. 58-inch display.

Benefit with vivo x60 and vivo x60 pro is also the processor of Snape Dragon is going to come. vivo x60 and vivo x60 pro phones are coming with Snape Dragon 870 in India.
And in this you will get 8, 120 and 12, 256Gb.

The major highlighting feature of this will be the camera they have partnered with in ZEISS here and this is a lens making company that becomes a special lens, you will get to see 48 mega pixels image sensor from Gamble Technology with.
Its major benefit is that of video recording and photo clicking. Otherwise, we know that the quality of the image inside the Vivo is good.

If we talk about the secondary camera, then it will be a 13 mega pixel wild angle lens with auto focus, due to which you can take micro shots using it and you will get to see more cameras which will be very good for this phone.
Its design will be quite slim

price of vivo x60 and vivo x60 pro-

And its price will be around 36k to 38k rupees in Indian rupees.

some valuable information of vivo X60 Pro Plus.

If you talk about vivo X60 Pro Plus, then it has been done by Processor 888, which is quite good.

It has a 32 megapixel camera in selfie.

In this, 32 megapixel camera is being seen in selfie, the special thing is that in all these phones, you can record a very smooth video by using Gimbal in it.

Price of vivo x60 pro plus-

And the price of this phone can be close to 54K.

In this, the technology you are getting to see in the phone is quite good, processor and camera and much more
By the way, tell me that yes its price is high but you cannot say over and over because you are getting this according to the feature.

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