May 29, 2024

Spiderman vs Morbius 2022


Morbius Movie

Just as Venom put his hand in the MCU universe, Morbius will now also be a part of the MCU, it will be shown in the Spiderman movie and it will be in the form of a villain, so we will get to see the Spiderman vs Morbius.

Story of the movie

In the beginning of this movie, we get Dr. Marvel Morbius with some of his people on a hill where certain types of bats were found and more power inside them and they used to be much bigger than normal bats and they were called vampire birds, Morbius injures his hand a little bit, due to which a lot of bats start coming towards him and the scene is cut from this.

Now the story starts from 25 years back and here we are shown a young Morbius who is currently a handicap and used to have difficulty in walking, he had a rare blood disease and doctors also say that his hard to escape, and they get admitted to a hospital where they meet a boy named Lucius.

Morbius and Lucius become very good friends after meeting and Morbius names him Milo, both  had same kind of disease.

There was also a doctor who, along with being a doctor, was also a good guide.

Morbius was really good in reading and seeing his ability they send him to USA for study, after some year study in USA, he becomes a doctor and he invents a synthetic blood. He saved many people life using that blood and he also awarded with novel prize.

One day he was working in his Lab, he was looking for a cure for his blood disease.

He was searching for its treatment for many years, in which he was mixing the DNA of bats with the DNA of human and with the help of both of them prepares a serum and he was sure that this medicine would cure him, and then he goes to visit his friend Lucius and tells him that he has made a serum and will go far to use it, and then the scene shifts to a sea where he takes Morbius and his assistant along with some goons, and her assistance, when she injects serum into Morbius’s body, his body slowly turns into a vampire and here Morvius turns from a human to a vampire and that process was really painful. He starts stirring, his body is not under his control, as if his strength had increased 100 times and his goons are scared to see him and start firing at him, now Morbius has more power like super strength, super speed etc. by using that he kills all the goons who were present there and sucks their blood, and he becomes unconscious, after regaining consciousness, he erases the CCTV photo so that he is not caught and he runs away from there to the lab and try there lots of way to check his power and along with power he knows one more thing that he needs blood to live. If he will not consume blood then he will again come to that previous form.

He did not want that he should take his life, that’s why he starts drinking the blood made by himself but after using that blood he realize that the effect of that blood lasts only for 6 hours and if he will use that blood in regular basis than blood power will reduce day by day and one day will come when that artificial blood will not be useful for him and he have to consume human blood, just then his friend Lucius comes to visit him and noticed Morbius is good to walk and he get rid of with his all illness then his friend ask for that serum and then Morbius said that serum is dangerous and he denied to give that serum and Lucius left the room and after sometime Morbius knows someone is dead in his office and after the dead, all the blood of that body was consumed and when police get to investigate then all proof was pointed out to Morbius and he try to flee out by the police but he caught by them and send him to jail and after sometime his old friend Lucius came and he had a stick and a blood packet, after seeing this Morbius got to know that Lucius also used that serum because his body was being recover and he got to know his office employ was killed by Lucius.

He escapes from jail to prevent his friend Lucius and said he can help him but his friend denied all his offers and killed all the people who came in his way. Lucius offer him to work together but Morbius denied that and now Lucius get to know his friend will not work with him and he tried to kill him after escaping from him Morbius gone to his LAB and makes a serum that can turns that body to previous form and both fight for this,, at the end Morbius won the fight and here ends the movie.

Spiderman vs Morbius

If they will fight then for sure Spiderman will win because he has 6th sense. He can feel the danger and also have more ability, as we saw in Spiderman- No way home, Dr. Strange was beaten by Spiderman so If in future movie Spiderman vs Morbius will happen then Spiderman surely will win.

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