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Slayy Point Net Worth 2023: Youtube Income, Monthly income, Bio, Age

source: youtube

source: youtube

About Slayy Point

Next we will know what is the Slayy Point Net Worth in 2023.

First we need to know this-

Who is the owner of Slayy Point?

Gautami and Abhyuday are the owners of Slay Point Channel of youtube.

Abhyudaya Mohan was born on 2 January 1998 and Gautami was born on 29 October 1998 and both are friends since their high school time. Even both of them had high school from the same college and the name of the school was Ryan Inter Inter College.

And both were very smart from childhood when Abhyudaya got 91% in high school exam and 93% in Gautami.

And both of them are very active in YouTube together with studies.

YouTube Journey Of Slayy Point–

source: youtube
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After completing their intermediate, both of them thought why not create an image of their own, they opened a YouTube channel and along with Stanak, they also started working very hard in the YouTube channel. Both of them started their YouTube channel on 7 March 2016 with the inspiration of their friends and named it Silly Point and it was based on the review and fan openings on cricket on that channel. And when he shared his first video with WhatsApp group and friends, his videos got around 1k views which gave him a lot of inspiration in making videos.

At that time, Slayy Point net worth was nothing but now how much Slayy Point net worth is in the future, we know in detail.

Sometimes Gautami would go to the audience with a mike and take a review about his cricket but such videos did not get much views and when the trailer of Ms dhoni movie came and Abhyudaya and Gautami reviewed that trailer together and this Due to the video, his channel started getting a lot of views and then after that both of them reviewed the movie and then when the trailer of Dangal came, they put his analysis video and trailer reaction video after which more and more views started coming on their channel. Due to which, his channel started growing at a very high speed. He has faced a lot of difficulty, yet he kept his pace.

Slayy Point Net Worth in 2023?


Monthly income Rs.5,00,000 to Rs. 6,00,000 lakhs
Estimated daily income Rs.15,000 to Rs.18,000
Net worth Rs.120,00,000
Income sources sponsorship, youtube ads, deals
Others income sources two youtube channel slay point and slaypop
Affiliate income No


Slayy Point Net Worth in 2023 is 12 cr lakh to 18 cr.

At this time, there are 7.51M subscribers on their channel.


Who are the creators of Slayy Point?

Answer: The creators of Slayy Point are Abhyudaya Mohan and Gautami Kawale.

What kind of content does Slayy Point create?

Answer: Slayy Point creates content related to internet trends, social media, and pop culture. They often provide commentary and analysis on viral trends and internet challenges.

What is the most popular video on the Slayy Point channel?

Answer: The most popular video on the Slayy Point channel is “The Funniest Classroom Videos – Part 1,” which has over 23 million views.

What is the “Slayy Point” meaning?

Slayy point net worthAnswer: The term “Slayy Point” is a play on words that combines the words “slay” (meaning to impress or amaze) and “point” (meaning a specific topic or focus). The creators chose the name to represent their focus on creating content that is both entertaining and informative.

What is the language used in Slayy Point videos?

Answer: The primary language used in Slayy Point videos is Hindi, with occasional English words or phrases.

Do Slayy Point creators create videos on gaming?

Answer: Slayy Point creators do not typically create content related to gaming. However, they have occasionally made videos related to popular games like PUBG and Among Us.

What is the target audience of Slayy Point?

Answer: The target audience of Slayy Point is primarily young people in India who are interested in internet culture, social media, and trending topics.

Do Slayy Point creators make videos on serious topics?

Answer: Slayy Point creators often use humor and satire to discuss serious issues, but they primarily focus on creating light-hearted content.

How often does Slayy Point upload new videos?

Answer: Slayy Point typically uploads new videos once a week, on Saturdays.

Does Slayy Point collaborate with other creators?

Answer: Yes, Slayy Point has collaborated with other creators such as Triggered Insaan, CarryMinati, and Tanmay Bhat.

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