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Round 2 Hell: Net Worth 2023 ,Zombie 2 video income ,Cars ,bungalow etc.


Round 2 Hell


Information about Round 2 Hell

Today we will talk about a team that has made a name for itself not only in India but in the whole world.

In this blog, we will talk about three wonderful boys from Moradabad, whose YouTube channel is named Round To Hell. This channel has three owners named Nazim, Wasim and Jain. All three friends are from moradabad. But all three of them have studied in different schools from Nazim’s Modern Public School Moradabad, where they completed their intermediate in 2016. And Jain’s school is studied from PMS Public School and Wasim’s school is studied from Alam Inter College Moradabad.

Since childhood, all three were average in studies, so all three dropped out of their post graduate college after passing their intermediate.

Sure, here’s an example of how you could present details about the Round2Hell YouTube channel in a table format:

Category Information
Channel name Round2Hell
Description Comedy and entertainment videos featuring three men
Created October 2016
Subscribers Over 25 million
Views Over 3 billion
Location Mumbai, India
Most popular video “The Mummy” (137 million views as of 2023)

YouTube Career of Round 2 Hell Channel

Nazim, a member of the team, had the courage to play football since childhood, the idea of ​​creating a YouTube channel was the first to be revealed to Nazim, he wanted to show his football skills to the world, so on 20 September 2016, Nazim gave a video of his football skills in both. Shared but barely 50 views could be received on this video but he made another video on football and uploaded it to his YouTube channel but this time also got frustrated and Nazim was very sad to see only 10 views.

He went and felt that no one was watching his videos, so what was the benefit of uploading them and he stopped putting videos on YouTube but at that time India had a lot of craze for making Vines videos on YouTube, then one day Nazim both of his friends Gave the idea to make Vines video and both of them liked this idea too.

round to hell net worth
round to hell net worth

They went out to make all three videos, this time his video was on a Facebook post, not on football skills, which was on top of the boys who wrote a Pagli caption on his photo and which he uploaded on his channel on 6 November 2016 on his YouTube channel Round 2 Hell and for two days Within this, his video had 120 views, due to which the three friends were quite happy, after getting so many views on this video, the three also uploaded its second part, which got 200 views in just two days but with the people nearby. They were demotivated.

Often those people used to taunt these three, saying that they are making all the stupid things, you will not get anything by doing all this, after hearing such taunts, all three stopped making vines.

He also decided to leave YouTube, but after a week, a friend of his Alam took him to Motivate and said let the world speak and you just keep doing your work and answer these people with your work and Alam gave him a The tripod was also gifted and advised them to get a dslr camera so that their video quality could be improved and then the three friends collected money from themselves and took a dslr. After that he made another video called When You Got Dslr but as usual this time also could not go to Views 500 But not worrying about the views.

He made a lot of videos and went on improving his content He made a lot of videos and did not get views. After that he made a video which went to 1 million views but he was on the Facebook page, that video was on the gym workout and there were still views on YouTube.

On 31 March 2017, when Jio’s unlimited data plan was going to be closed, on the same day, he made a video on this current topic, which had crossed the mark of one lakh on YouTube in 2 days and seeing this video in the trending section of YouTube Arrived and two days later, over 4 lakh views had come on this video. Round 2 Hell has completed its 10 million subscribers in the hall itself. This channel is one of the fastest growing channels in India.

Property Description
Car BMW 5 Series
Bungalow 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house with a pool and garden
Location Mumbai, India

How was the Round 2 Hell Channel name?

Once the three friends were dying drift from the car for a video suit and that drift happened so fast that the car started going round and they thought that if they had something to do that day, their life would have become hell, hence Round 2 Hell got the name.

Why Round 2 hell delete video?

We used to think that YouTube and Tiktok videos have been deleted by YouTube due to more reports or likes, but nothing like this happened on the video of Carry Minati, but the different thing about this video is the round, the owner of Hell. He himself has told that he has deleted the video himself.

There is a very big reason for deleting the video, round then a case was registered against Hell’s team, about which Round to Hell has told in one of his interview videos that the reason for filing the case was that he had done a character Modi ji. of which some abusive language is used.

He told that due to abusing the character of Modi ji in this video, some people got off and filed the case, he said that he is learning from all this right now, and he has admitted his mistake, he has also apologized to all those people who have suffered any kind of grief due to his video and said that now there will be no such disturbance in future.

Net worth of Round 2 Hell.



It is not possible for anyone to tell the exact net worth of any channel, but if we talk about. Round 2 Hell average net worth, then we can say that about 15 – 25 lakh and the rest of the sponsorship as we can see their Zombie – The Living Dead Part 2  they promoted Skkily Ludo App and possibly they have taken 2 to 4 lakh for promoting that and all the net worth will be separately, and when they upload any new video like Zombie – The Living Dead Part 2 then their previous video  Zombie – The Living Dead Part 1 also gets views and they also earns through referral of that app which they are promoting. The story not ends here there is lots of other ways to earn if you have high number of subscriber of 28.5 Million Now they will prepare for Zombie – The Living Dead Part 3.

Round 2 hell monthly and early income in Rupees without including promotional and advertisement income.

Channel name  Monthly income  Annual income 
Round to hell Rs 10 lakh – Rs 25 lakh Rs 1.2 Cr – Rs 3 Cr

Is Round 2 Hell net worth more than Sandeep Maheshwari in 2023?

Might be NO, they Round 2 Hell networth is not more than Sandeep Maheshwari because Sandeep maheshwari is also earning through his webinars where thousands of people pays thousands of Rupee to listen him, So only this way he can earn more and more and youtube earning is also too much. So considering this factor we can say Sandeep mahershwari earns more than Round 2 Hell.

It’s not possible for me to accurately predict or compare the net worth of specific individuals in the future. Net worth can fluctuate significantly over time due to a variety of factors, such as changes in the value of assets.


Most asked Round to hell FAQ’s

Question: What is round 2 hell net worth in rupees in 2023?

Answer: The inexact net worth of Round to hell in INR is around 70 Cr in 2023.

Question: What is round to hell monthly income in India rupees in 2023?

Answer: The inexact monthly income of round to hell in rupees 2023 is around Rs 20 lakh to Rs 2.2 Cr.

Question: Is Round 2 Hell net worth more than Sandeep Maheshwari in 2023?

Answer: NO. (Read above article for full detail)


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